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East Bay Children’s Theatre:

The Oldest Continuously Performing Theatre Company in the SF Bay Area!

About EBCT

Since 1933, EBCT has had as its main purpose bringing live musical theatre to economically disadvantaged, Title 1 elementary schools throughout the East Bay.  Our program is completely FREE to the schools and students we serve.


Through our productions we strive to highlight important lessons that promote positive values and strengthen children's self-esteem. Approximately 9,000 elementary school children (pre-K through grade 5) each year will be inspired and entertained during our visits to their schools.

Dollars raised through fundraising and public performances enable EBCT to produce its ambitious schedule of school performances each year.

Our Mission

EBCT is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organization (EIN #94-6108296) with a mission to:

  • Provide children an opportunity to experience live musical theater,

  • Promote academic achievement in literacy to low and moderate income students,

  • Expose students to new ideas that ignite their interest and their imaginations, and

  • Support a multi-dimensional learning and teaching environment in the classroom.



Our Volunteers

EBCT is governed by a Board and Membership consisting entirely of volunteers. The secret of the organization’s longevity and consistent quality is the enthusiasm and talent of the volunteers, supported by a high-caliber staff of theatrical professionals on the production team.  Our volunteers help with costumes and sets, and run the lighting and sound, and set up and strike sets.  Some also perform in our world premiere musicals.

Local actors who perform in our productions receive a stipend.  In addition, we sponsor an intern program to provide paid educational opportunities for young theatre professionals. 

Drop us a line and join us!


Our Board of Directors

Mary E. Bishop..........................President

Karen Barbera....................Vice President

Rachel August...........................Treasurer

Sheila DeStefano........Recording Secretary

Michael Jackson..............Member at Large

Charlene Okamoto..........Member at Large

Our General Membership

Terry Pink Alexander, Sallie Arens, Mary Bishop, Martha Boam, Candace Capogrossi, Susan Cochran, Nancy Debenham, Anne Doyle, Sue Farmer, Harriet Hannauer, Carol Hannon, Eleanor Hotchkies, Michael Jackson, Gloria Lightfoot, Michelle Mikatarian, Gina Moreno,  Charlene Okamoto, Elaine Quimby, Desmond Simpson, Marian Simpson, Barbara Sloane, Eve Tieck, Vicky Yancey.

Our Professional Staff

Ron Lytle: Our multiple award-winning

Resident Musical Playwright and Composer

Tania Johnson: Our Vocal Director

Michelle Mikatarian: Our Costumer

Peggy Johnston: Our Assistant Costumer

Sami Cowan: Our Stage Manager

Dallis Wright Morash: Choreographer

Andy Hartzell...Graphic Design & Prod Art

John Blaustein.....Company Photographer

Deena Foley....Make Up

Sue Ellen Nelsen: Director Emeritus.


Plus a team of professional designers​ and stage managers.

Our Awards

  • San Francisco 49s Community Quarterback Award

  • Family 2 Family Award from Oakland’s KTVU Channel 2

  • Oakland Business and Arts Award from the Oakland Chamber of Commerce 

  • San Francisco Bay Area Critics Award

  • San Francisco Bay Girl Scout Council nominated EBCT for the Daisy Award recognizing Distinguished Achievement in Inspiring or Serving Youth.

  • California State Legislature Commendation for our “devotion to and concern for enhancing the lives of the youth of the Bay Area with live theater performances.”

  • Oakland Unified School District Citation for has cited for quality and variety of school performances.

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